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When saving important information, sometimes you may create several copies and save them in different locations for fear of losing it them. But when you do this excessively, you might forget where you saved those duplicated files, or you might not even remember they exist. To avoid filling up your hard drive with dozens of duplicate files, you can use DeduplicationWizard, a tool that can find identical entries in your contact lists.

DeduplicationWizard is a backup program that only saves one version of the duplicate files and replaces all its copies with shortcuts to those copies in Excel. It's a great way to save space and access those entries more quickly.

In order to get rid of the duplicates, you can search using a phone number, email, or mailing address. The program includes a list of incorrect addresses to let you check which ones are incomplete, letting you know if messages can't be sent to a specific address.

Although this program is designed to work with all versions of Excel, it also works with other databases like VistaDB (vdb5), dBase (dbf), CSV files, and text files. It also supports database servers like MS SQL-Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and ORACLE.

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